City of the Roses

In the early 1900's A. N. Nelson built the first commercial and began the wholesale production of flowers. He was followed over the years by the Amling Brothers, the Maton Brothers, Spanbauer & Webb, and the Asa Brothers. Pana was selected for the greenhouses because of a quirk in the climate that made it one of the least likely places in the country to have a hail storm. At one time there appeared to be as many as 109 greenhouses in Pana. At its peak, the Rose Industry in Pana had 6 major wholesalers producing between 18 and 19 million roses annually. The Jordan Brothers, who for years were editors of the Pana News-Palladium, coined the name "The City Of Roses".

Activities - Parks and Golf Courses

Kitchell Park

This massive 40 acre jewel was given to Pana by Capt. John W. Kitchell and his wife Mary Little Kitchell in 1908. Kitchell Park is also the home of a prized round Chautauqua Pavilion built in 1911. Speakers during those days included William Jennings Bryan, World War I hero Sergeant York, Billy Sunday, and other noted speakers and entertainers.
Visitors may take advantage of the tennis courts, softball and baseball diamonds, swimming pool, playgrounds, and picnic area. Kitchell Park is one of few parks listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Wilburn Park

Welburn Park

Serves the Northwest sector of the city with playgrounds, a picnic pavilion, a ball diamond, and a tennis court.

Oak Terrace Golf Course

South of Pana on Route 51 is Oak Terrace Golf Course, a massive 18-hole playground that offers a variety of challenges to the golfer.
Oak Terrace golf course was built in 1991 and is open to the public. Season opens 3/01 and closes 12/20. There is a driving range, and a pro on site. Details
Fair Gounds

Tri County Fairgrounds

The Pana Tri-County Fairgrounds is the home to the Pana Tri-County Fair. First held in 1885, this yearly event starts the Wednesday before Labor Day and runs for six days as one of America's top agricultural fairs. The fair was held at Kitchell Park until about 1949, when it was moved to its present locaton. The Pana Labor Day Parade, a two hour plus extravaganza, runs through downtown Pana and ends in Kitchell Park, and attracts thousands to view the largest Labor Day Parade in the state.
Other Activities you will find in Pana

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The Murals in Pana are the result of the work by the Pana Community Council for the Arts, the Rembrandt Society at Pana High School, and many volunteers.

Old Railroad Tower
Rail Road Tower

Pana was once the crossroads of four major railroads. Pana's origin is attributed to the coming of the "Iron Monster" that invaded the Illinois prairie in 1853.


Pana is located close to several lakes - Lake Pana, Lake Taylorville, SangChris Lake, Lake Shelbyville, Ramsey Lake, and Beyers Lake.

Lincoln Prairie Trail
Trail Bridge

The 15 mile Lincoln Prairie Trail begins at the west edge of the City of Pana and follows Route 29 to Taylorville. The asphalt paved trail opened June 7, 2001, with approximately 500 riders taking part in opening day.

Pioneer Village

Pana Pioneer Heritage Guild was organized in 1981 for the purpose of rescuing a log cabin.

Walking Tour
Old House

Quality Hill Walking Tour has many places of architectural points of interest.